10 days of happiness

Action for happiness have created a free 10 day coaching programme to help boost peoples well being during the current crisis.

‘The Covid-19 pandemic brings big challenges for our mental health, whether you’re isolating at home or trying to live with the new restrictions. This program can help you cope and find a little more happiness in these difficult times.’

Action For Happiness

This is a free resource that consists of a 10 day online coaching programme which supports 10 different daily actions for happiness. It’s based on the 10 keys to happier living (which is very similar and an extended version of 5 ways to well being) that works with the acronym Great Dream.

G- Giving (Do things for others)

R-Relating (Connect with people)

E-Exercising (Taking care of your body)

A-Awareness (Live life mindfully)

T-Trying out (Keep learning new things)

D-Direction (Have goals to look forward to)

R-Resilience (Find ways to bounce back)

E-Emotions (Look for whats good)

A-Acceptance (Be comfortable with who you are)

M-Meaning (Be part of something bigger)

Click the button below to find out more information and to sign up to join the programme and start receiving your daily activities to work with. What a perfectly timed resource, thanks Action for Happiness.