Development Fund 2019 – Winners Announced

We are delighted to announce the nine winners of the 2019 Recovery Devon Development Fund.

Our winners were chosen from a record-breaking fifty-two applications. This took a great deal of time and care.

We are encouraged by and grateful for this wonderful response from the people of Devon. It demonstrates a strengthening commitment to wellbeing and recovery in the county. Every single one was an inspiration to read and to consider.

Our nine winners are:

Open Arms Exhibition

This East Devon recovery group was established in 2017 and has sought funding to stage a formal exhibition of their work.

The Thelma Hubert gallery in Honiton has kindly offered to host and support the project this summer.

The event will be open to the public and include representation from local groups to offer creative engagement and recovery resources.

People Like Me

A project to produce a “pack of cards” about mental health crisis.

Based on the artwork and expertise of someone with recent experience of mental health inpatient services in Devon, the cards will be designed for professional and personal use. Each card will offer reflections and thought-starters.

It is hoped that the cards will be used as a training and therapeutic resource, initially in Devon, with scope for possible further reach.

Sporting Memories

Founded in Exeter in 2017, this group addresses isolation in older men through sporting reminiscence.

Our funding will help the group to train more Sporting Memories facilitators. This provides development opportunities for those who have championed the project so far.

The group of new facilitators will expand the sessions to include Tiverton and Mid-Devon.

Standing Together

This North Devon group will involve local people in recovery through a safe and welcoming place for weekly meetings over 12 months.

The group aims to co-create meaningful recovery pathways for the participants.

Existing resources will be used, such as the Devon Recovery Learning Community, and by new ideas brought by the participants’ own expertise will be explored.

Elevated Life

A 6 week coaching programme based in the South Hams.

This initiative will allow people to explore different ways to wellbeing with the social support of a peer group. Different treatments and therapies will be introduced and discussed.

Elevated Life aims to support every individual to improve and value their emotional, mental and physical health to reach their full potential.

Outside The Box

The idea for Outside the Box came from identifying the lack of provision for the LGBTQ+ community in Torbay.

A series of workshops will be offered to this community to promote recovery and provide social support.

Running alongside traditional treatment methods that group participants may already be accessing, the focus of the work will be connecting with nature.

Evaluating Encounters with Horses

A collaboration between Newton Abbot’s Horsemanship for Health and Dr Donna Poade of the University of Exeter.

This project will design and provide a distinct piece of scientific research into equine facilitated recovery.

The work will benefit hard-to-reach groups both during the research itself, and by providing evidence on which to base future equine facilitated therapy.

Living Well With Autism

A free community event focusing on understanding and living alongside Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mental health difficulties.

The project will raise awareness and highlight the gap in service provision for autistic people who also experience mental illness. A series of talks and experiential workshops will be offered on the day, along with resources to take away and a chance to connect with others.

Self-Help Arts and Crafts Group

This group recognises the need for regular, on-going support in revery. Weekly sessions will be offered to make artefacts using natural and reclaimed materials in collaboration with Organic Arts near Exeter.

The sessions will have the Five Ways to Wellbeing at their core.

Participants will be encouraged to co-create the sessions, and perhaps self-direct into a longer term project.

We’ll be reporting on each project in turn as the summer progresses.

If any of these projects are of particular interest to you, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the organiser.

Congratulations, and best of luck to you all!