Celebration Day 2019

Once again, everyone is warmly welcomed to our Development Fund celebration day and AGM. Come and learn about us in a great day of community and celebration…

Monday, 7th October

10am – 4pm, Organic Arts
West Town Farm, Ide, Exeter EX2 9TG

Last year gave us a bright, crisp day on the farm. We’re hoping for the same this year – but this time, we’ve even more space to share.

From the first warming cuppa on the haybales, you’ll be welcomed and included on one of our favourite days in the Recovery Devon calendar; part celebration and part community, there’s even free lunch and refreshments.

There’s a little bit of business mixed in to the celebration. We’ll give an update on our progress over the last 12 months, and our annual review is signed off.

You’ll enjoy a presentation from each of our Development Fund winners, who this year have taken us to a new level of diversity and creativity with their different projects to improve mental wellbeing in Devon. Presenters often lead a short session to illustrate their work; last year, we sampled readings, quilting, yoga, and even a community circle.

There’ll also be news from winners of years gone by, some of whom have continued and expanded their projects. And we can’t wait to share & hear your opinion on plans for our forthcoming festival Recovery Rising, set to launch in 2020.

Some of last year’s highlights…
  • Eight fantastic speakers
  • Five chances to sample a project’s work
  • Conversations over a delicious chilli lunch
  • Sunny walk around the farm
  • Impromptu sing-song!
We’ve experienced mental illness  – and we know the challenges of trying something new.

We understand that it’s difficult to get out and meet new people, but we’d love to see you at our celebration day – you’ll be warmly welcomed, and amongst new friends. Every year, attendees say it’s been a highlight that’s filled them with hope.

So please do get in touch if you’d like to come, but aren’t quite sure how to make that happen – we’ll help you find a way to be part of our community of goodwill and wellbeing,.

For details contact:

07824 161192

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