Recovery Devon Board news and catch-up for August 2018

A quick look at the projects and tasks our board are undertaking in August 2018. Remember, we’re an open group. If you’d like to join our board, or just have ideas on a single project, feel free to get in touch.

Development Fund Celebration Day

Recovery Devon’s Development Fund offers small grants to individuals or organisations wanting to run projects supporting Recovery in Devon – new ideas or new initiatives, or helping existing projects to grow in new directions. This year we had a record number of applications and there has been some great work going on. Some have been offering activities like gym or yoga; others have been exploring ways of looking at the world in different ways, like the Horsemanship for Health project; others have used the money to include people in the refurbishment and care of the space they use, whether indoors or outdoors. Come along on 29th October to find out more about what’s been happening. Details to follow on the website.

… and AGM

I’ve said before that we try not to concentrate too much on our company organisation and bureaucracy, but an Annual General Meeting is a necessity as we are a Community Interest Company. We actually had a very interesting and lively meeting last year with a wide range of discussions, looking back to the origins of Recovery Devon and forward to its future. This year we are planning to beat the boredom by getting the business of the AGM done as part of our Celebration Day. It won’t take long and we hope that it will be a two-way exchange, with information about Recovery Devon’s activities in the Annual Report, and an invitation for everyone there to comment and offer fresh ideas. We hope to see you there.

Recovery Devon’s Wellness Recovery Action Plan

There are unique challenges in being an organisation in which the majority of staff and volunteers have lived experience of mental health difficulties. We have recently been encountering some of these challenges and we have been prompted to look again at our own recovery planning to make sure that can respond in the best way to support our members and the wider communities with whom we work.

Thus far our approach to ensuring resilience includes three main elements. One is a general WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) aimed at monitoring the health of our organisation as a whole. The second is for each Board member to have a one-page plan to highlight warning signs and remind of coping strategies. Third, we are developing a virtuous circle of support, where each board member supervises another. This has the added benefit that there is always a ‘deputy’, aware enough of another’s workload that they can step-in and manage if needed.

We are always happy to share what we are learning so if you wish to create a more mental-health aware organisation, peer-support or other group please feel free to get in touch.