Recovery Devon board meeting – a little insight into what we do

The Recovery Devon Board meets every month to discuss our current projects and make sure that we are still moving in the right direction. To give you an idea of what goes on, here are a few things we talked about in January.


Our website is a big part of Recovery Devon’s presence and our webmaster Mike Smith has done a lot of work to refresh it and keep it talking to the world. Of course we want to listen as well and with the help of a new colleague Mike is now looking at expanding Recovery Devon’s presence on social media, including our Facebook page. Keep an eye on the website to see what’s going on at Recovery Devon and how you can get involved if you want to.


alt=”” width=”132″ height=”98″ />Recovery Devon runs the “Lived Experience Advisory Panel”, headed up by its co-ordinator Ian Henwood. The LEAP works with the mental health services provider, Devon Partnership Trust, to help make sure that the voice of people with lived experience is heard (and most crucially, attended to!) at all levels of planning and delivery of services, including working on the wards, giving advice about how to set up helplines and telephone numbers, and helping people to share in the decisions made about their medication and their care.   In January Ian gave us an update of all the projects which the LEAP has been working on, and he described the encouraging development of a real partnership between the people who deliver the service and the people who need it. Do you want to know more or maybe become a LEAPster? Check out the website at

Suicide Prevention Alliance

[et_pb_image alt=”” width=”190″ height=”47″ />Recovery Devon is supporting the Devon and Torbay Suicide Prevention Alliance by hosting its funding and helping with its organisation. Also, three of our Board members are involved with their work. The Alliance is working to bring together many different points of view about suicide – from people in distress, their friends, carers and emergency services, schools and hospitals – to help to bridge some of the gaps in people’s lives which can mean that they find themselves alone. There are places you can go for help on their website, by clicking on “NEED TO TALK” – you may want to see if you can help their work, or you might just be interested to read more about it. Visit them at

Devon Recovery Learning Community

alt=”Devon Recovery Learning Community Logo” width=”300″ height=”120″ />Recovery Devon is a partner in the Devon Recovery Learning Community, which provides courses for people in touch with mental health services – staff, friends and carers as well as people needing a service. At our meeting in January we were looking at ways in which Recovery Devon might be able to take a more active role in the DRLC. If you haven’t checked out the latest courses available, have a look at

If you’d like to help steer Recovery Devon, wish to share your ideas with us, or would like to be involved in one of our projects please get in touch. We are all people with experience of living with mental health challenges, offer a warm welcome and will never ask you to do anything outside your comfort zone.