Recovery Devon board meeting – Feb 2018

A small selection of the topics discussed and projects being managed by Recovery Devon in their February Board meeting.

Recovery Devon and research

One of Recovery Devon’s aims is to keep up with the latest knowledge and thinking about recovery, and we have recently had a chance to help out with a big research study based at the University of Nottingham. The NEON study is looking at whether having online access to stories of personal recovery can help people struggling with psychosis and other mental health challenges. Recovery Devon supported the publication of a collection of personal recovery stories,  Beyond the Storms,  and is currently working on a companion volume, Riding the Storms, and so we are very interested in following the progress of the study and contributing where we can.

You can find out more about the NEON study here.

Recovery Devon’s organisation

We try not to spend too much time on Recovery Devon’s “corporate governance”, in other words the rules, the paperwork and the policies. But provided we always keep in mind the work we want to do, the rules help us to do that work more safely and effectively. In particular we have spent time putting together a Wellness Recovery Action Plan for our team. It helped us to think about how we work together when we are at our best, and how to recognise and deal with any problems which might arise. So we are spending some time next week together to look at our plan and remind ourselves what we need to do to keep well, and keep Recovery Devon working well.

You can have a look at our team WRAP here.

Recovery Devon’s Development Fund 2018

We spent most of the meeting looking at the 28, yes twenty-eight applications for the Development Fund this year. The Fund was set up to enable projects to create opportunities for recovery in Devon. We were really pleased to see so many applications but it made for a very difficult job of going through and selecting which ones to fund. Many applications were new ideas, or activities which might be starting for the first time in Devon; some of them offered opportunities for sporting, outdoor or creative activities, to help people achieve something different and make new connections in their lives; some of them held out the hope of creating groups or projects which would go on and become self-supporting. Some would offer quiet, reflection and support, others would challenge their participants to branch out and try something completely new. So the choices were hard, but we have decided on which ones will go through to the second round, and all the applicants will be notified soon.

You can find out more in our Development Fund section.

Our next meeting is in March. In the meantime for any further information about the Board please get in touch.