Recovery Devon Board Meeting Catchup – Sep 2018

A quick look at the projects and tasks our board are managing in September 2018. Remember, we’re an open group. If you’d like to join our board, or just have ideas on a project, feel free to get in touch.

Celebration Day – October 29th

There was, of course, some organising to do for our Development Fund Celebration. It looks set to include cake decorating, stew, drums and an opportunity for people to feed into our work through the AGM discussion. To learn more check here. We hope to see you there 🙂

Lived Experience Advisory Panel

The Lived Experience Advisory Panel was commissioned from Recovery Devon by Devon Partnership Trust in 2015. It has made a huge contribution towards its aim, which is to bring the voice of lived experience into the design and running of DPT services. At first there were a number of individual LEAP members who participated in various projects and service developments within the Trust. However they soon took on a changing role as there was more demand for advice on how mental health teams and departments could better involve the people using their services. Shortly after that the Trust started work on its “Together” strategy and the LEAP members contributed to all the ways in which the Trust was working more closely with everyone in contact with services.

The change in LEAP’s role is an indication of its success, which has been achieved sooner that we could have hoped. It is a tribute to the work of the LEAP co-ordinator, the LEAP members, and the goodwill and support of the Trust. At our September meeting we started to think about where the LEAP goes from here, and how best to maintain and build on what it has achieved.

If you are involved in the LEAP, or would like to know more, or have any ideas about how it should be developing, feel free to get in touch at

Peer Support Workers

Recovery Devon Board members have been supporting Devon Partnership Trust to employ more peer support workers, joining a steering group and helping with training and advice. Peer support can be enormously helpful to personal recovery, offering an opportunity to share experiences and bringing a different kind of hope and companionship to people struggling with their mental health. But for the peer supporter, it can be a big step to learn how to use their own experience to help others, and there is also a lot to take into account when working in a professional mental health team.

If you are interested in peer support you can find more resources, including Recovery Devon’s guide to setting up a peer support group, here:


Riding the Storms

Another form of peer support – sharing personal experiences and stories through creative writing and art. Recovery Devon has funded a collection of contributions from people riding the storms of mental health difficulties, and is now crowdfunding to be able to publish the collection as a book. The Board discussed how to publicise the crowdfunder, and has been contacting the people and organisations with whom we are connected.

Do you know anyone who may like to contribute? Please let them know! Details are here:

Our next meeting is in November. In the meantime for any further information about the Board please get in touch:


September 2018