Recovery Devon Activities and BIG PLANS you can be involved in

We had an exceptional November meeting full of ideas, including one to hold a large scale Recovery focussed event in 2020. Would you like to be involved? Then read on…

While our meetings are about business, with an agenda, activity updates, financial reports and all of that – one of the great things about the Recovery Devon Board is that sometimes a subject takes on a bit of a life of its own and gives rise to new ideas. This month there were some really good ideas.

Recovery Research 

We talked about Devon Partnership Trust, who are looking at how to find out how satisfied people are with mental health services. It sounds easy… just ask people –  but if you get an answer like “fairly satisfied” or “not very satisfied”, it doesn’t help you very much to know how to improve, and it doesn’t give you much of an idea about whether people are really benefitting from the services.

A lot of work has been done on this nationally, about how to assess and measure how useful a service is, and whether people are happy with the way it’s delivered. Happily one of our Board members had done some work on it a few years ago, someone else knew about a study which had been done, and that reminded someone else of a useful contact who was working on a similar project. In five minutes we had assembled quite a lot of useful connections and will be introducing the various people soon.

Suicide Prevention

After that we had a report on the Devon and Torbay Suicide Prevention Alliance, and again in just a few minutes conversation we uncovered some connections in Devon and elsewhere in the country; people who could help out with that work, and with whom we could share some of what we know.

A Big Event?!

Looking at the financials we found we’d probably not spend our entire budget for this year, and of course we then started thinking about what opportunities this might open up. Someone revived an old idea of running a conference on Recovery, and that set us off into all kinds of schemes about what could be included. There was an Autumn Festival of Recovery of a few years ago, with an art exhibition and llama walks which were very successful. We thought about all the new activities which the Recovery Learning Community has discovered locally like the creative writing, Wild Things outdoor activities and drumming workshops. A Recovery event would also be a great opportunity to share some of the expertise we are building up in how to do things, like peer support training, and getting people involved in the delivery of mental health services. Outside speakers might be invited and many other thoughts were voiced on how a Recovery event might happen.

Here then is a little early notice of our plan to hold a large scale event in 2020. Would you like to be involved? We want to make it Recovery focussed, to include art or performance, to get people interested, excited and involved. There may be guest speakers, networking… for now we’re just playing with ideas – but if you’d like to help, share your own thoughts, even offer to run a stand, present a session… almost anything… let us know.

This is a long-term plan so prepare to be patient, but it already feels like we’re going to achieve something special. 

That’s all for now: our next meeting is in December. In the meantime if anything here sparks off an idea, related or unrelated, about our work we would be happy to hear it. Please get in touch.


November 2018