New Recovery Learning Library open in Tiverton

With HUGE thanks to EDP Drug and Alcohol Services who have supported this collaborative project, we have successfully launched Tiverton’s new Recovery Library and Creative Drop-In together with Flourish Cafe to support people in all aspects of their recovery.

alt=”” width=”375″ height=”150″ />Our Recovery library is an amazing resource and is an extension of our main library based at St Sidwell’s in Exeter. We provide a mobile library that can link with DPT’s internal mail service to borrow and return books. Our collection of library resources can be accessed via our online catalogue located on our website at

We hope this Recovery Library and Drop-In will provide not only a service for people using mental health services but also members of staff looking for useful resources and links to support groups and other information where they can signpost their clients to as well as find resources for themselves.

Opening times: Mondays, 11:00am – 1:00pm

at Flourish Cafe: Old Heathcoat Community Centre 81 King Street. Tiverton EX16 5JJ

We all need to support our wellbeing. There is no them and us with Recovery. We are sailing this ship together and we look forward to helping, supporting, educating, and inspiring everyone to live well and embark on a meaningful and productive life.

With all best wishes,