Looking for participants to trial a new Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymic Disorder treatment

Exeter University are looking for volunteers to help test a new therapy. Experts are working on new treatments for Bipolar Disorders. The team are researching the psychological processes that might contribute to mood swings and investigating new treatments within the local community.

This study looks at a talking therapy programme (called the ThrIVe-B programme) for people who have Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymic Disorder, and experience frequent mood swings.

Exeter University plans to include around 48 people in the study. Half of these people (decided at random) will receive their usual NHS care, whilst the other half will also attend the ThrIVe-B programme. This involves attending regular small group “classes” as well as individual meetings with a therapist. The classes will be held on Wednesday mornings from early May2018.

Everyone who takes part will be asked to complete questionnaires and research interviews at several points over a 15 month period. This study is open to people who have, or might have, a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder or Cyclothymic Disorder, and are troubled by frequent swings in mood.

For more information, email Kim Wright or Lexy Newbold at thrive@exeter.ac.uk or telephone 01392 724669.

To find out more about Bipolar in general, visit the Bipolar UK website at: www.bipolaruk.org