Crowdfunding for Riding the Storms – To create A FREE resource for mental well-being

Riding the Storms was created by people who felt the need for this book to exist, a resource for people who live with mental health struggles long-term. It offers connection and hope for others, as well as a resource for services and organisations to help aid understanding.
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Riding the Storms includes art, poetry and short stories which express and explore living with persistent mental health conditions. Many contributors have found creativity and hope through these storms, ways of coping and maintaining hope during the tough times.

Our previous book, Beyond the Storms has received great praise as both a creative work and a resource. However, it describes many stories of recovery, of ‘getting better’. We were approached by those for whom getting better is perhaps not even an option. Stories of recovery made them feel as if they had somehow failed, because they remained unwell. It is for those people, and thanks to many of them, that Riding the Storms was created.
Please support our Crowdfunder, and enable us to get this precious resource to those who need it.

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