CRAZYWISE comes to Recovery Devon once more

Plans are being made for a third Devon screening of CRAZYWISE, the crowd-funded documentary that collects and contrasts global approaches to mental illness.

Following our successful screening of CRAZYWISE at Exeter’s Phoenix last year, we were delighted to bring the film to Tiverton last month. With support from Petroc’s mid-Devon Campus, we gathered to not only see this powerful documentary, but to also hear from the film-maker himself, Phil Borges, on his European tour.

Audience discussion centred on the film’s participants and their message of hope, with viewers wondering how to share this valuable work more widely.

Filmmaker Phil Borges leads discussion following a screening of Crazywise at Petroc, Tiverton.

In response, Phil has generously waived the screening fees for small groups who do not charge admission. It is hoped that more educational establishments will make use of CRAZYWISE as part of students’ mental health education.

With this in mind, Petroc have asked for CRAZYWISE to be brought to their Barnstaple Campus, bringing the film to Devon for a third screening.

James Wooldridge, CEO of Recovery Devon, welcomes guests to the Petroc Tiverton screening of CRAZYWISE

Inspired by the diversity of recovery approaches that the film touches upon, Recovery Devon will make “The Wisdom of Crazy” the subject of our next open meeting.  We’ll be discussing the unorthodox and unexpected ways to find meaning in mental health. All are welcome to Exeter City Football Club on Wednesday 25th April from 2pm to 5:30pm.