Flourishing start for Conscious Community Workshops

Each of us has our own inner guru, which creates a unique prescription for our own recovery. As Thich Nhat Hanh says, “Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed”. With this in mind, the Recovery Devon Development Fund funded two Conscious Community workshops this July, which took place in the beautiful Manor House in Dawlish.

Based in Teignbridge, the Conscious Community project reaches local people affected by a challenge that impacted on both their mental and physical well-being, such as illness, shock, trauma, or addiction. Members were invited to share personal reflections about what helped them on their recovery journey.

Donna says, “So many of us yearn for safe connections, but are unsure how to create a community which offers them.We want to play a part in reversing this, because it feels as if we are losing the ability to share stories. Yet, we are all stories. Sharing and hearing stories opens up different “ways of being” that might not have occurred to those recovering in isolation. It is vital that we have a safe space in which to tell our stories, and feel enabled to experience “meaning-making” in an embodied, mindful way.”

Julie continues, “We all have wounds that hurt, and then healed.  Emotional and psychological wounds are no different – they hurt, and we need time to recover, ideally with the help of a healing witness. In shining light on these wounds, we recall the ways in which they led us on what I like to call my “breadcrumb trail” of recovery.  The participants in the workshops really engaged with this, and we found the workshops rich in wisdom and insights”.

The project now moves to its next phase, involving a wider survey and trauma-informed research. The final phase of the project will be a community celebration event to share wisdom and insights from the workshops and research. It will be an opportunity to showcase a compendium of healing and new ways to move from surviving to thriving.
For more information, to get involved in our survey, or register your interest for the celebration event, please email:


Call: Donna on 07512652265 or Julie on 07976646392.