An alternative to diagnosis?

An exploration of the Power Threat Meaning Framework

Wednesday 25th July, 6:30 – 8pm

Digital Humanities Seminar Room, Queen’s Building, University of Exeter

As advertised by Exeter University:

Diagnosis has a valuable function. It acts as a way to classify people and explain behaviour, and as a gatekeeping mechanism for services, treatment and resources. However, some have argued that diagnosis of mental health conditions can also be stigmatising and disempowering.

This evening will explore the role and nature of diagnosis in mental health. Speakers will argue that we need an alternative to diagnosis of mental health conditions and together we will critically consider an alternative model to conventional diagnosis: The Power Threat Meaning Framework.

The aim of the evening is to generate conversation and debate, so the format will be highly interactive. Please join us to share your views or just come to listen.

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