Towards a Recovery Community – Jan 24th 2018

We are holding a day to explore how we can go from being ‘lost’ in our mental-health struggle, to being engaged in positive change. This could be as simple as leaving the sofa, or it might be launching your own project to help others.

January 24th 2018

2pm – 5.30pm

Exeter City FC

The first step in recovery is often the hardest. The ‘Towards a Recovery Community’ day is about sharing experiences of taking that first step.

We will hear from people who ran Development Fund projects, from people taking part in LEAP and from anyone who wishes to contribute.

How do we go from an idea to a working project. When leaving the house feels like a giant task, how do we get involved to take part in events, workshops or activities that will support our recovery?

This is not our day!

It is everyone’s event. Exactly what we will talk about depends on who is there. It may be more focussed on starting projects, or on finding and getting involved in them. We are making the space, but the shape of it will be guided by those present.

Recovery is a series of moments in which we find the will to move forward. We would love you to join us and share experiences of such moments – who knows what we might inspire!

January 24th 2018 | 2-5.30pm | Exeter City FC