Summer Recovery Camp 2017

Now in it’s 3rd year, dates are set for the Mental Health Summer Recovery Camp 2017. The Recovery Camp offers an experience of a recovery community, to take into your own life, work and practice.
This year the Recovery Camp has been moved from June to September. Recovery Camp 2017 will run from Thursday 7th September to Tuesday 12th September 2017. The venue will be Barnutopia, Llansilin, Shropshire, Wales.

The camp is open to anyone regardless of whether they are a worker, family member, friend or person with lived experience of mental health issues or using services. People will learn from each other and there will be workshops relevant to all people attending.

You can download the above PDF for everything you might want to know about the Recovery Camp, further links and contact details.
The purpose is to create a community of recovery – for everyone to experience for themselves! Each year the Recovery Camp, grows organically, both leading up to it and during the Camp. During the Recovery Camp there are talks, debates, workshops, alternative therapy and a whole host of other things that happen.

All workshops are run by people at Recovery Camp, so if you have an idea for a workshop, please let us know. Workshops are predominately about having dialogue and discussion on a specific topic, so if you want to try out a workshop idea or have a fully formed workshop – you can run it at Recovery Camp. Once you have
booked your place, please get in touch.

For more details on the Recovery Camp, contact:

Ron Coleman (

Facebook Page –

Tel: (+44) 01851 810789

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