Progress Report – Veterans allotment

Jackie, the project co-ordinator has given us some feedback on how things are going, many thanks to her for that. In her own words then, here’s a snapshot of the Veterans Allotment Project.

We have had such fun so far with the preparation and start of the build. The allotment community are always friendly with us and often share a cuppa and a chat, there is a great community spirit.

The Veterans have made great friends and links with the local community and with each other since we have had use of this wonderful allotment garden and more recently with this project.

The allotment Is proving to be so much more than just a central meeting place for Veterans. There is a sense of belonging and feeling at home there, after the very transient unsettling life some Veterans have experienced. We already had a strong bond amongst this peer to peer support group but it has grown and strengthened even more because we can and do meet often at the allotment.

This family bond is so healing for those suffering with trauma, loss, grief and other physiological problems. In time some of us will produce testimonials for people to read and keep that reflect our path to Recovery.

We are all one big family.