Our own Recovery Plan

Recognising that Recovery Devon as an organisation must itself actively stay well, we have created a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) which we live by and review regularly. We include it here both as part of our principle of being open, and in the hope it might prove useful for others as a way for groups to ‘self-monitor’, remain healthy and continue to attain their goals as a group.
One of our strengths is that Recovery Devon makes it possible for people with lived experience of mental health challenges to be involved. This is true for our membership and equally importantly, our board members and directors.

This gives us valuable insight into the realities of mental health, enabling Recovery Devon to be part of, not separate from, our community in general.

It also means we must ‘walk our talk’, and ensure the wellbeing of ourselves as a group, and each individual within in. This is what the WRAP aims to do.

We welcome feedback, and of course welcome also any enquiries if you wish to create a WRAP for your own organisation and would like any guidance or advice.

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4 thoughts on “Our own Recovery Plan”

  1. What a great idea, to create an organisational WRAP! We might steal that idea and do the same for our group of Recovery College tutors @NSFT GY&WRCTUTORS . Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Brilliant, very inspiring.
    I have DID so I find your plan very useful in preparing our own. Being a multiple it’s not straight forward and difficult to prepare such a plan. Thinking as a team helps so much. Thanks

    • Really glad it’s helped you Sharon. Perhaps you’d be willing to share your WRAP if you create one – as it might help others. We’d be happy to make it anonymous if you wanted. Best of luck anyway (I hope it’s ok that I love your email address!)

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