DF17 – IRIS Centre therapeutic garden

The Iris Centre is an intensive psychotherapy day programme for people with a diagnosis of severe and complex personality disorder.

Iris centre users have all encountered extensive abuse and neglect in their early lives and as a result struggle to make and maintain relationships. The Iris Centre is run along Therapeutic Community (TC) lines, embracing values of belongingness, containment/feeling safe, communication, participation and a willingness to try new things.

Recovery Devon’s funding will go towards seeds, plants and materials for this important garden where people, many of whom have experienced early trauma in their lives, can channel their energies into growing and nurturing edible plants.

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    • Hello Heidi. While we’ve announced the winners we don’t have all the details for everyone yet, but if people can get involved we will be publishing details of how to connect soon.
      Thanks for your interest and for stopping by 🙂

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