Dev Fund PTSD Recovery Service update

Jason Heath has been making great progress with the PTSD Recovery Service. In his own words here is a quick report.

The main focus since starting the group has been building relationships. I’m working with Exeter University developing a formal research project about supporting loved one’s and their families, focused on helping them support each other. I will keep you up to date as this progresses.

I did a live broadcast with Hibilo TV about PTSD and Families which is included here. I’m also in discussion with Paul Norrish from Hibilo about doing another broadcast, this time about PTSD and how it can effect children

On the 6th July 2017 I will be starting up the coffee drop-in. The first one is booked at Pete’s Dragons in Exmouth between 12 and 2pm. This will be an adults drop-in. However, I am about to book a room at Exeter Community Centre and use that as the main families drop in.

Brilliant to see that Jason is making so much good progress. If you’d like to connect with Jason to help out, network or for support, his contact details are:

Jason Heath


Facebook /PTSDRecoveryService/

Phone 07807 478 952

1 thought on “Dev Fund PTSD Recovery Service update”

  1. Well done Jason. You have come a long way since I first met you. Keep up the good work, your help is invaluable to PTSD sufferers and their families.

    John Pattison
    Qualified Social Worker

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