Death on Campus – BBC3 program on the rise of incidents of suicide in universities

BBC3 is airing a documentary called ‘Death on Campus: Our Stories’ on Sunday 12 November at 10.00. As it’s on BBC3 it will also be available online.

Recovery Devon support and work alongside DTSPA, the Devon and Torbay Suicide Prevention Alliance.

We recognise both the high incidence of suicide and it’s devastating effect on loved ones, emergency services and others involved when a life is lost to suicide.

Suicide rates in British universities have reached an unprecedented high – nearly doubling in the last 10 years. This BBC3 documentary uses the testimony of loved ones to piece together the last days and hours of three students who took their own lives under the pressures of the academic, financial and social expectations of university.

Our thanks to Support After Suicide for raising awareness of this program.

You can read more here – which will later link to the episode once it has aired.

If you would like to help reduce incidence of suicide, or the support of those effected, please consider donating to DTSPA’s fund-raiser by visiting their site: