Celebration day 2017 – how it went and a little on the 2018 fund!

Our celebration day this year was fantastic, with a great venue and lots of people. Here is a quick glimpse of the day and a few words on next years fund.

We chose West Town Farm in Ide for a more ‘low-tech’ event than last year. It was an ideal venue, especially for the second half of the day where we sat in a circle in the covered barn.

Presentations included art, film and music, all produced in the various projects. The results were at times inspiring and at others very touching – the projects for PTSD and children experiencing domestic abuse were particularly moving.

Special thanks goes to Organic Arts for help with the venue and running a minibus on the day.

Before a few details on next years fund, here are the thoughts of everyone who attended.

“Really impressed with all the projects.” – Liz

“Fantastic place.” – Sue

It really was – and we’d recommend using West Town Farm for all kinds of meetings and events.

“It’s been great listening to all of the inspiring organisations…” – Chloe, Emma S & Emma W

“It’s very exciting – we are heading in the right direction! Bring on future positive projects!” – Kirsty

“It was so good to hear about such inspirational projects.” – Daryll

“Well done Recovery Devon for bringing us together in such a meaningful way.” – Sanchia

“Thank you for organising this time and being so inclusive. A good experience.” – Sy

“Thank you for the opportunity to meet other projects. The environment was lovely too.” – Jason

“Always good to meet others and be inspired by others work. Lovely venue too!”

“Brilliant to hear about all of the fab projects! Organic Arts was the perfect place to celebrate their success.”

“Totally awesome, amazing people doing amazing projects. So many thoughts and ideas. Thank you. Keep doing what you do.” Marie

Many of the projects this year look like they will continue, which is fantastic. Our big ambition is to seed projects which become permanent, especially by meeting and supporting each other.

We have already confirmed at least £5,000 for next years fund. Watch this space for more news. Meanwhile if you want to apply, you can make a good start by following last years guidelines here.

The process will be very similar this year. We hope to open for applications in November and will announce here and on Facebook here.