Tom’s Illustrated Book (half way)

Tom is making solid progress with his story and is on track to complete the book. We can’t wait to see the illustrations and find out how it all ties together.

The book has been coming along nicely. It features 8 different main characters, and I have written the introduction for each character, giving their history/life issues and what brings them to the surf course.

I am now in the process of writing what happens at the surf course, as the characters come together and learn important lessons that can help them deal with their issues.

I would like to think that I’ve written about two thirds of the story so far.

I have also begun illustrating it, though my main focus has been on getting the writing finished first. I hope to have the writing completed by the end of June/mid July and I can then move on to illustrating the whole thing.

Tom will be bringing some copies of his book to our Celebration event at Exeter City Football Ground, 10am, October the 10th. Come along and meet the amazing people we’ve come to know through the Development Fund – it’s free!