SuperBetter App

SuperBetter is an online game that takes elements of your life and ‘gamifies’ them, to help you face challenges and overcome difficulties both practical and emotional.

Playing ‘SuperBetter’ basically involves telling the game about challenges you face in real life. The challenge, some potentially useful people and possible barriers are then turned into game elements. You are given hints and resources to help you face the challenge, and can record progress in the game as you achieve it in life.

While the name might feel cheesy, the game itself has attracted a lot of positive attention. Jane McGonigal has a TED Talk about how she developed the game, and there are some positive reviews and scientific support for it working.

In their own words: SuperBetter is a tool created by game designers and backed by science. Playing SuperBetter helps build personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of difficult challenges.