Riding the Storms project

Recovery Devon is funding a follow-up to the very popular and precious resource, Beyond The Storms. Riding The Storms looks not at ‘getting well’, but at coping during difficult times – through creative work submitted by people in Recovery.

Emily Davey is heading the project to collect and compile stories, poems, photography and art. She has created a Facebook page where people can ask questions, and there is a website for submissions and more information.

Recovery Devon are funding the initial stages and we hope to support Emily in raising further money for printing the book when it’s compiled. If you have some creative work you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us, or visit the Riding The Storms Facebook or Website.


Some years ago we created Beyond the Storms (BTS), a collection of stories and creative works from people about over-coming mental health challenges. It has proved a sought after and precious resource ever since.

Many people spoke of how useful BTS was, but many also felt that learning about how people won their battles made them feel like they too should be ‘winning’. There are conditions which do not go away, which one does not overcome, but which must be managed long-term, sometimes lifelong. Other struggles fade and return, may last days or years.

Riding The Storms is about living with mental health challenges day to day, not beating them or ‘winning’, but about coping and making things work while still ‘in the fight’. Life is difficult, we are all born without instructions! Mental ill-health is not an ‘on’ or ‘off’ thing, it comes in shades and degrees, sometimes diagnosable other times mysterious. Riding the Storms is a collection of the creativity and complexity inspired by the landscape this mystery brings.