Recovery Devon’s Website moves to WordPress

Only recently we updated our website, so why have we done it again?! Read on for some wise (and some incomprehensible) words from our resident geek about Recovery Devon’s website and future plans.

Our new site is almost one giant blog, with things all arranged in an easy to find way (we hope!)

So to find news, support, or useful links – just go to the Blog and click on the relevant topic.

The About and Support pages give a little extra background, and links through to the right part of the blog.

Some more and some less!

A lot has been taken out, old articles or news on events long past, but nothing of ‘historic interest’ should be missing. Over time we will continue to organise, meanwhile, archive material is in the Blog, History section.

We’ve made sure all the links go to services or sites which are still active. In addition there are new links to useful websites and mobile apps. If you know of resources you think others would find useful, please let us know through the contact form, or leave a comment on the relevant post.

Speaking of which, you will soon be able to comment on most of the posts, to share your thoughts or add other useful info. The forums that you see will also be open.

Many of these features will become live soon, once we enable the membership element of the site, we just want to make sure everything is stable and secure first. Keep your eyes peeled, as we’ll announce when memberships open, or any other change happens, right here.

If you have WordPress skills and would like to volunteer to add a feature or tidy something up, let us know. We may be able to pay for some work, but cannot guarantee anything.

Of special use would be PHP skills, knowing how to manage Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, understanding the WordPress Loop and other ‘under the hood’ twiddling.

Meanwhile I hope you like the new, proper this time, website and can make us a go to resource in your bookmarks bar! 🙂

All the best

Mike – and the RD team

2 thoughts on “Recovery Devon’s Website moves to WordPress”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I am button pushing and have not come across any problems and it seems to be all working well. I am finding it easy to use and like the new format, a new chapter for Recovery Devon.

  2. Well done, Mike, a HUGE achievement and we are very grateful to you for being the lovely, funny geek that you are.

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