Recovery Devon – Our thoughts (half way)

We are:
  • An independent community of people of good will who support Recovery and wellbeing; both as a personal vision and as an underpinning value base to promote radical change in mental health attitudes and provision.
  • A partnership, including people with lived experience of mental health issues and their supporters and family, alongside mental health practitioners.
  • We are now also a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee.
Not everything has gone to plan. Sadly, while the Art Health Hub attracted a lot of interest, few people attended and it was decided to wrap things up. Happily the remaining projects are all doing well. We’ve worked hard to ensure that money allocated to the Development Fund has been used, shuffling things around a bit and giving one or two projects an extra boost. Overall we’re just really pleased to see an idea turn into something so productive, and to see so many different ways in which people are helping people in their Recovery.
We know, of course, that there are some wonderful folk out there, but it’s always good to discover someone or something new that brings great things to the world. The Lions Barber Collective is such a thing, a really great idea that we can’t imagine we’d ever have thought of, but now it’s here it makes perfect sense. Caron from Caron Cares is also a treasure. Her Development Fund project is only one of many she’s involved with as well as running her award winning blog. But every project has equal value in different ways. It takes courage for one person to undertake a task alone, or for a team to work with a class full of children! For some, helping others must be done on top of managing a full life. Sometimes supporting mental health means facing some of the most painful of human experiences. All of these things are happening in the Development Fund projects. Recovery Devon are obviously pleased to be able to offer financial support, but it’s the projects themselves, and the motivated, determined and compassionate people who are running them, where the real magic is happening. That’s why we urge you to come and meet these amazing people and see first hand what they’ve achieved. Our Celebration Event will be held at Exeter City Football Ground, October 10th 2016, 10am. It’s free of charge and all the projects will be there. We hope you will too 🙂 Thank you to everyone who is making this difference, The Recovery Devon Team