Mental Health Survey for everyone working in the UK

This widest ever study into mental wellbeing at work aims to create the first detailed picture of what is happening with employees’ mental health and what needs to change. It takes approximately ten minutes to complete and all answers are fully confidential.

From their own publicity:

Would you like to help end the silence around mental health?

Our partners Business in the Community are calling on anyone who works in the UK to have their say by taking the National Employee Mental Wellbeing Survey.

Take the National Employee Mental Health Survey

To help the survey reach a wider audience, we would be very grateful if you could please share this link on your social media: using the hashtags #WellbeingSurvey and #onemoreperson.

If you can encourage one more person you know to take the survey – a friend, a colleague, a family member, whether in person or online – that will go a long way towards making sure the experiences of workers from all across the UK are heard.

Thank you to everyone who has already taken and/or shared the survey. We encourage everyone to take opportunity of this chance to improve the wellbeing of workers everywhere and help shape a more mentally healthy future for us all.