Massage Therapy (half way)

Nikki has met with a fantastic response, with enquiries about massage still coming from her initial promotion. Clearly this is something people see value in and we look forward to the results of her research. March was spent planning the project, particularly the methodology and recruitment, and meeting with my colleague Lorraine. We designed a poster which was printed and put up/ sent to: MIND exeter, The Bridge Collective, the Depression and Anxiety service, and various city centre locations such as the library. It was also distributed via email by the Mood Disorders Centre at the university, from which we had the biggest response. Lorraine designed an information sheet and consent form. In total 37 people so far have responded to the recruitment poster (I am still getting enquiries). This stage involved a lot of admin, which thankfully I enjoy!
We decided to choose the four participants on a first come first served basis. I met with each of them initially to check to answer any questions and to sign a consent form. Lorraine and I between us have given 8 massages at Exeter Natural Health Centre, with 8 remaining. Participants are filling in a diary sheet following each massage. Massages will be completed by early July, and we are now planning the interviews, which will also take place in July. The participants have been enthusiastic and committed, and from my perspective it is going very well and is a pleasure to work with them. I will be sad when this massage phase comes to an end! Don’t forget to come to the October celebration on the 10th, at Exeter Football ground, 10am, where you can meet Nikki and all the other project leads.