LEG Mindfulness Book (half way)

Strong progress is being made with many different parties coming together to offer free advice, talent and practical help with creating the book. Some of us met at the Mood Disorder Centre in April at Exeter University and discussed the project in more detail, sharing rich ideas about what the format and content should be like. We had input from Dr Barney Dunn who leads the Mindfulness based cognitive therapies service. The Mood Disorder Centre have agreed to support where they can, we formed a steering group and made a rough plan for the format of the book. An invitation to take part was sent to all LEG members soon after the first meeting. It proved difficult to organise a date and time which suited people. A group of 8 of us met for a half day workshop on 2.6.16 We provided lunch and teas and coffees but were able to use a room in the Mood Disorder Centre with no charge.
We spent 4 hours discussing the booklet in much more detail and identified one of our members who has very valuable creative talents. Polly is going to be our ‘artistic director’ and we are excited by her terrific ideas and design abilities. We have agreement from Alan Denbigh, who works in the communications department of the University, to help with the desktop publishing phase as he did for the first LEG booklet. Working title: It’s OK to be Me We are due to meet again on 21st June and begin to collate content. Individuals have been tasked to bring specific elements of the final booklet to that meeting when we will really begin to refine our contributions and ideas. We are going to keep up a head of steam from now on, working both at meetings and between them. We plan to have a draft version to present to Dr Dunn and colleagues by August.