LEG Mindfulness Book (funded project)

To produce a booklet about how mindfulness helps people living with depression in their everyday lives.

The Lived Experience Group, known by its shorthand name of ‘The LEG,’ is a group of people with lived experience of depression or bipolar disorder and supporters of people with these conditions who contribute to the work of the Mood Disorder Centre at Exeter University. As well as helping with research projects, recruitment and teaching, the LEG runs workshops open to everyone. These aim to increase understanding of mental ill-health and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

We intend that this, our 2nd booklet, will be specifically about Mindfulness and a useful resource for people with depression or for those who are just curious about what mindfulness is, or isn’t, and what it means in practice to real people and not academics. We will produce an illustrated booklet about the ideas and techniques we have found most helpful, using personal stories, pictures and poems as well as narrative.

We will include a tear off perforated postcard at the back of the booklet, asking for people to let us know if the booklet has helped them, suggestions for anything else they would have found helpful and to respond if they would like to find out more about the Lived Experience Group itself. We will put a feedback page on our part of the MDC website, encouraging people to comment and making clear that it is only be hearing what people have found useful that we can improve the style and content of our publications