Launch of the Development Fund 2017 – Applications invited

Applications are now open for the Development Fund 2017. Up to £750 for each project is available and initial applications should be in by 10th January 2017.

Following the success of our inaugural fund, we are delighted to be able to announce that we will be opening our Development Fund for 2017.

Once again we are seeking projects with a focus on recovery and mental health which involve or benefit the community. Our application process is very straight forward.

Simply send a brief description of your project and who benefits – no more than one A4 side – to us by post or email. You can read our application guidelines in this PDF.

Anyone who applied last year is welcome to re-apply, though preference will be given to projects we have not funded previously.

Development Fund 2016

Gain some inspiration on what can be achieved by reading about our 2016 Fund. There are posts on all the projects and their half-way reports here.

We held our celebration day on 10th October and were treated to a wonderful, warm and moving day with theatre from Mirror Mirror which brought out some great feedback on our projects as well as thoughts on mental health approaches, policy and more.

Here are some pictures and thoughts from the day. We are also developing a film which we will host when the editing is complete. Apologies for the delay on reporting our celebration event, but our web-chap has been very busy.

It was a very inspiring and empowering day. Different people coming together with a passion to raise the flag for mental health and recovery. It was inspiring to hear different people’s stories and the range and diversity of projects that were delivered.

It added fuel to the fire and highlighted the importance of what we can all do as individuals.

Thank you x


The celebration event was fantastic and very moving. I have met a wonderful group of people who are so positive about recovery in mental health – it just shows the power of getting together and sharing common experiences. Thank you for having me.


The Recovery Devon Development Fund Celebration Day was filled with mixed emotions for me. It was wonderful to celebrate the achievements of the projects chosen for funding and the fact the stigma surrounding mental health issues is lessening slowly. There is much more to do and as life becomes more stressful for many more people, they will require help when budgets and services are being slashed.

This only emphasises how vital the work of the Fund is, finding new people with new ways of reaching out and helping others.

Caron Sprake

The celebration event organised by Recovery Devon has filled me with hope for the future. To be in a room full of people who struggle with mental health issues and see what amazing things they had all achieved, with the support and funding from Recovery Devon, was a great inspiration. I look forward to returning next year, to celebrate the next round of awesome projects and to meet and share ideas with more wonderful people.

Tom Metcalf

The combined forces of yourself and Recovery Devon, the camera crew and Mirror Mirror made it a very supportive day for me. It was inspiring to hear from the other projects and to feel part of something bigger – that we were all working with the same passion and goals. I was also reunited with a good friend whom I’d lost touch with nearly twenty years ago, which was a wonderful surprise and very emotional!

Nikki Collins

What a wonderfully meaningful day was shared yesterday. The projects you supported are all just awesome… they have all had such powerful impact. 

Thank you for inviting us. We loved being there.

Alison Fairlove Mirror Mirror Playback Theatre

Be a part of it in 2017

The fund is built to help people who have an idea but don’t know how to make it happen. The friendly Recovery Devon team will help, with no technical or difficult questions, just a desire to help your project succeed.

Applications are now closed.

If you’d like to see who won, click here!