IT Helps – Mini update

Some links have been sent in for people’s top web resources and we’re already finding a few fascinating apps and really useful sites we had no idea existed.

Did you know there are apps which respond to your heart-rate or breathing! There are also websites which offer quizzes and tasks to help you measure your mood and improve mental well-being – free!

Watch this space for updates, and don’t forget about our IT Helps Open Day at Haven Banks, Exeter, September 1st 2016 – where we’ll announce our favourite apps and sites.

If you have some favourites you can share them with us here.

Meanwhile we’ve been sent a few videos too. They aren’t part of IT helps but they’re still useful so we’ve added them to our video collection. To watch them, just follow the links.

Stranger on the Bridge Documentary from Channel 4

Tim Rhys-Evans: All in the Mind

Phil Borges TED talk – ‘Psychosis or spiritual awakening’

Joshua Waters, TED talk – ‘On being just crazy enough’