Caron runs a website where she posts about elderly care and the Caron Cares Cards are just one of the many projects she is running or involved with.

“Happy to Share” – A simple card placed by customers in public eateries. These show they are happy to have company at their table to encourage conversation and reduce isolation and loneliness which has been proved to cause depression and physical illness.

I will:

  • start with 50 establishments initially across Devon working on the basis of 10 cards each.
  • create a social media campaign to identify interested premises which is free
  • post cards to those interested initially to kick start the project and then notify others (with hopefully positive feed back) and direct them to a website where they can download the cards themselves. This keeps costs down and allows the project to expand further.

The cards would be a bi-fold laminated one to keep the cost of postage down and eliminates the need for costly and bulky stands

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