Caron Cares (half way)

Caron Cares has made great progress with her ‘Happy to Share’ cards, but we also have to mention some of the other great work she does. Check out the links and her Facebook page as we think Caron more than deserves some extra support for her work. Caron Writes: 5,000 cards have been printed free of charge by Ink Press in Exmouth and laminated at a cost of £276.00. As a further £100 has been awarded this leaves me with a balance of £165 for postage and packing costs to reach further afield. My launch date was June the 1st and I will monitor progress from then until October 1st, being 4 months. So far Costa have offered a special “Happy to Share” session in their Exmouth store after hours and a mental health nurse feels many of her clients may be interested in this. The manager there likes the idea and is helping me with logistics by taking cards to other managers for the next monthly meeting in July.
The Saddlers Arms, Aby’s Cafe and the Pavillion are also on board. It has also been suggested that people have the cards themselves as individuals to take from place to place which is a very good idea that I shall be exploring. Cards have been sent to The Guildhall in Shropshire and some are going off to France as well as other locations across the UK. I have sent you some photos and will add the PDF link. Oh and Boots Chemists love them too. Lots of work ahead but working on it. Simon Bates said he would meet me for coffee to publicise them but has since backtracked…chicken!! We say: It’s also worth visiting Caron’s blog to see what else she’s involved in, and there’s a service for people with dementia which looks like a really good idea. Show some love, we think she deserves it 🙂 Update: Caron was interviewed on Radio Devon about the cards and managed to mention Recovery Devon. Caron was described as a ‘Joan of Arc’ figure!