Black Dog Arts (half way)

While this was originally going to be a single event we worked together to expand the potential reach. Now two workshops have been held and we may even see more.

Judi (Project lead) said:

Word spread rapidly about the Silk Painting workshop and people came from Morchard Bishop area, Puddington, Black Dog, Worlington, Witheridge and Kennerleigh. Feedback from the group has strengthened my resolve to help set up more groups like this in the villages and I will knock on doors to find help with funding. We don’t get many facilities in the villages and it makes good use of village halls and gets people together. I’d like to set up evening classes for working people and to run a Children’s Art Club and something along the lines of ‘Men in Sheds’ projects for men as well as women.

I know it’s worthwhile when I read some of the comments…”

These comments include:

Loraine, a local farmer – Thank you for organising such a wonderful workshop, it was excellent . I really enjoyed the day. I came hoping to meet some like minded people and to try out a new craft. I don’t have any immediate neighbours, so it’s good to go to an event such as this to meet people who have similar interest. I think doing a workshop like this makes it easier for people to interact with each other.

Gina, a young working motherI came because I wanted to learn something new, and good creative courses are hard to find locally. I wanted to learn a new skill that I could adapt and use across into my artistic nail work. I want to deliver a fresh new look at the competitions next year, something that hasn’t been brought before.

Jo, a young self-employed womanCreative stimulation keeps my mental health good and human connection and a bit of “I made that” to take home with me will remind me of the day in future. Even when we don’t chat loads, doing something creative takes away any awkward obligation to chat too much, and it also gives a shared common ground to talk about. I’m fully aware that just being around people is good. I loved it, really loved it, enjoyed being able to contribute too by helping tidy up. Something like that regularly would be so good for my mental health, as well as encouraging me to be more creative for my work too. Having it locally in this rural location is an absolute fantastic blessing.

We can’t wait to see how the project works out long-term. Judi will bring more artwork to the October Open Event on the 10th, at Exeter Football Ground. Meanwhile you can see many more works here on the West Devon Arts facebook page.