Barbers Training (half way)

The Barbers Training isn’t due until July, but they have been featured in the Express and Echo to promote the project, and it’s definitely worth a look at their website and what they do. When we first received this application we weren’t sure what to make of it – could barbers really get involved in such difficult conversations? It seemed a strange project idea. After looking over the website, their Facebook page – and following a few links, it quickly became clear that the Lions Barber Collective was a very serious and motivated organisation. While still a fairly new group, they have been featured in the Telegraph, have a wide membership and international reach. It’s part of the spirit of Recovery that we recognise the value of support wherever it comes from, and remain open to new and innovative ways of helping others. We’re delighted to have made a contribution to the Lions and can’t wait to see what they will bring to our Open Event, celebrating all the Development Fund Projects on 10th October 2016.
Tom Chapman – founder of the Lions Barber Collective