Art and Health (funded project)

Long term my idea is to set up a small Community Interest Company in Art and Health. In particular I want to use art, in creative therapeutic and research terms, to help adults and families, struggling with mental health problems.

I would like to explore the use of art and art projects as a meaningful and pragmatic intervention in these health problems.

To give you a sense of what I would like eventually to achieve (in about 2 years) see The Studio Upstairs website. I would like to include more health related information, and potentially support for social care and art students with placements, and skills development to help participants back into education. In educational terms the project will run at a pre‐access course level, enabling students to consider application at access level. However the venture will eventually facilitate for clients to find space and scope for personal expression.

To begin with a set of basic and spontaneous exercises will allow for participants to explore visually through facets of drawing ‐mark‐making, tone, measurement‐ and then colour. Once some basic confidence has been achieved, and the group has got to know one another, a more specific focus can be developed on an aspect of their experience, though this does not have to be explored directly. I would look to find a small venue to exhibit participant’s work and ideally a space for participants to work in.