The Zero Suicide Charter

The Zero Suicide Charter

The South West Strategic Clinical Network has created a ‘Zero Suicide Collaborative Charter’. This aims to reduce suicides to zero across the south west of England by October 2018. The collaboration will bring together people with lived experience, service providers and others in pursuit of this goal.

A number of projects will be set up, with Local authorities across the South West, who have responsibility for suicide prevention, leading them.

As the Charter says, ‘It is acknowledged that to achieve the vision of getting to zero suicides will not be easy, but it is an aspiration that is worthwhile, compelling and inspiring. If we can save one life through this work, the effort will be worthwhile.’

Key areas of work will reflect those set out in ‘Preventing Suicide in England: a cross-government outcomes strategy to save lives’:

•     reduce the risk of suicide in high risk groups;

•     tailor approaches to improve mental health specific groups;

•     reduce access to means of suicide;

•     provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide;

•     support the media in delivering sensitive approaches to suicide and suicidal behaviour;

•     support research, data collection and monitoring.