Suicide Prevention Websites

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MIND has three areas relating to suicide and self-harm:

  • Self-harm
  • Feeling Suicidal
  • Suicide – Supporting someone else

Each has a number of pages, discussing these issues.
They also have a downloadable pamphlet.


Samaritans have web pages on:

  • Signs you may be struggling to cope
  • Helping you through self-harm
  • I want to kill myself
  • Myths about suicide
  • Giving yourself strength

They also have helpful information if you’re worried about somone else.

Students Against Depression

This very helpful site is relevant to all of us, not just students.

It has a range of pages relating to suicidal thoughts, including:

  • Feeling like you want to die?
  • Surviving suicidal thoughts
  • Thinking about suicide
  • Making sense of suicide
  • Understanding self harm
  • Coping with self-harming urges
  • Build support networks

A particularly helpful resource is their Keeping Myself Safe worksheet.
This is designed for you to print out and fill in yourself.


This is an Australian site, which has some very helpful ideas.

Particularly helpful for us are:

  • How to talk about suicide
  • Self-help for suicidal feelings
  • How to make a suicide safety plan
  • Recovering from a suicide attempt
  • Self-help for self-harm


This American site was one of the first with a Letter of Hope. It was headed ‘if you are thinking about suicide… read this first’, and is generally known as ‘Read This First’.

Since it was first uploaded in 1995, it has been visited over 20 million times.

Recognising Suicidal Behaviour

Another American site which explains some global, human behaviours that may indicate suicidality.

Pete’s Dragons

A Devon-based charity dedicated to supporting those bereaved by suicide, and to suicide prevention work, whose overarching aim is to “put themselves out of business.” Founded in memory of Pete Wicks by his sister Alison, Pete’s Dragons were one of our early Recovery Development Fund winners.

Action to Prevent Suicide

A Devon-based CIC offering suicide prevention training for individuals and organisations, along with a range of interventions and expertise such as counselling, consultancy, and one-to-one support.

Ask for Jake

Founded in memory of North Devon’s Jake McPhail, the Ask for Jake non-profit charity was formed to provide a network of local businesses, coaches, community leaders and just general people where anyone can ‘Ask for Jake’ which will prompt immediate support on a personal and community-led basis.