Recovery Devon Development Fund – Money for small projects in Devon

rddf-logoRecovery Devon are both delighted and excited to announce our new

Development Fund.

The deadline for applications is now passed.

Thank you for your interest in our Development Fund.

The development fund will offer financial support to individuals or organisations for projects, events or research based around Recovery.

If you have a great idea which can help your local club or community, an artistic project, or an activity which meets a genuine need, then we want to hear from you.

Your idea will need to have its roots in Recovery and the projects must take place between March and August 2016.

How much can we get?

We have a small pot of money which we will use to support a number of projects in Devon. Depending upon the project we will provide up to £750 to help make it happen.

What kind of projects?

They can be almost anything – we encourage you to be creative. As long as you can show a clear benefit to your project for a wider group then we are interested.

Some random examples would be an art exhibition, music workshop, support publishing a book, starting a website or doing some research into mental health. The Fund can also help as part of a larger community project.

How do we apply?

We want the Recovery Development Fund to help people who may have trouble applying for traditional funding, which can be a long and daunting process.

To make your first application all you need to do is provide NO MORE than one A4 side giving an outline of your project and how it might benefit people.

We will ask for more details later, but these will also be clear and simple questions. We want to make it easy to apply but we also need to be sure the project is well thought out and likely to succeed.

Projects will be showcased in an event towards the end of 2016 and we hope everyone will provide photos and be present at the event to make it a real celebration.

Full details of how to apply can be found in this attached Word document or in this PDF.

You can send applications via email or contact us with questions here:

Phone: 07824 161192

Email: recoverydevon(at)

If you have a small project you’ve been longing to make a reality, get in touch. This could be just the beginning of something wonderful!