New Book – Living with Psychosis: Recovery and Wellbeing

Living with PsychosisRecovery Devon are delighted to announce a brand new publication co-authored by Elina Baker and Melanie Attwater.

Melanie explains: “Being given a diagnosis of psychosis can be a very difficult thing to understand and accept, both for the person concerned and their family and loved ones. We have worked very closely with the members of the Life with Psychosis Group, who all have lived experience of the condition.  Their personal experience and insight have been absolutely invaluable in producing a book that we believe can give people real hope and motivation, as well as some very practical advice about moving towards recovery.”

Elina has summarised the book as follows: ‘Living with Psychosis: Recovery and Wellbeing’ brings together a range of ideas about ways of understanding and coping with unusual experiences and beliefs with an account of the personal experience of recovery. The book originated in a series of education and support groups for people with psychosis, which were co-produced by a psychologist and people with lived experience and it summarises the material discussed in the groups. There are twelve chapters, covering topics such as coping with voices, using mindfulness, anti-psychotic medication, being prepared for setbacks and living well. Each chapter has a summary of relevant knowledge from theory, research and expertise by experience, a related personal narrative and a section for reflection, which prompts the reader to think about how to use the ideas and experiences in their own recovery.

The book is intended to help people struggling with psychosis to feel hopeful and develop ways of understanding and coping with their experience which will enable them to move forward in their lives. The book could also be used by someone supporting the recovery of a person experiencing psychosis, to aid their own understanding or give them ideas to try with the person.’

A small number of sample copies of Living with Psychosis are available free of charge, by contacting recoverydevon(at)

These will be available on a first come, first served basis. Living with Psychosis: Recovery and Wellbeing is also available from Amazon here at a cost of £10.00