National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2015 – Events List

Devon Recovery is involved in two events to promote awareness of hate crime.

Hate crimes are crimes directecd against someone based on their religion, race, gender, sexual identity or disability. Such crimes can include those directed towards people with mental health issues.

It should be self-evident that our communities would be better, happier and safer places if we were all motivated by tolerance and compassion. Hate Crime Awareness is an opportunity to come together and act as a voice for kindness.

Recovery Devon will be at these events:

Exeter, St Sidwell’s, Wednesday 14th October, 11am -3pm

Exmouth, Thurs 15 October 2015 9-12.15 at Glenorchy Church, Exeter Road, Exmouth

Recovery Devon are doing it as part of the Work club, we have the police, East devon housing, Young Devon, ourselves and Treefish Training attending. Contact Ally Grove

The events will include various activities to enjoy while raising awareness. They are open to anyone with an interest who wishes to find out more.

Other events are happening throughout the week

You can find full details of the movement and the events in this leaflet.