Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP)

We are looking for

  • People with recent and relevant lived experience of mental health challenges.
  • Carers of people with recent and relevant experience of mental health challenges.

Who all have recent experience of Devon Partnership Trust (DPT) services directly or as a carer.

If you have this experience we would like to invite you to apply to become a member of the LEAP (Lived Experience Advisory Panel).

The aim of LEAP is to weave lived experience throughout the fabric of the Devon Partnership Trust (DPT), by focussing on recovery values and principles to influence the decision making process at all levels of service provision. Your insights are highly valued as they bring perspectives to the trust that no one else can provide, working towards service provision that promotes recovery and independent living.

What is new about this?

The key is co-production which is collaborative working between practitioners and people with lived experience.


By bringing the voice of lived experience as a partner in the design and governance of Devon Partnership Trust services by regularly attending meetings of committees and governance groups; contributing to task and finish groups or project work; providing consultation, research, information and education.


LEAP would be seen as a critical friend to the Trust (one who acts with positive intent). The panel would ask proactive questions and provide information as seen through the eyes of lived experience offering a critical examination of any production as a friend. The person would be able to share views that are both broad and personal. They would bring a positive attitude while actively listening and respectfully responding to both positive and negative experiences that members may share.

  • Membership:
    • People who have recent and relevant lived experience of mental health challenges.
    • Carers of people who have recent and relevant experience of mental health challenges.
    • Members of DPT staff who also share these lived experiences are also welcome.
      • You would also have recent experience of DPT services directly or as a carer.
  • No previous experience of involvement is necessary as training will be provided.
  • It may require specialist knowledge or experience according to what group or committee you join.

What’s in it for me?

  • It is a real opportunity to make a difference and to influence change.
  • Panel membership may help to develop existing and new personal skills as a part of one’s recovery journey.
  • Work as a team with a common shared aim.
  • Meeting and supporting people by sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Work towards a service provision that promotes recovery and independent living.
  • Members will be offered an hourly payment rate of £10 and travelling expenses.

To apply and for further information: please contact Ian Henwood: recoverydevonLEAP(at gmail dot com)

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  1. Hello, I am really interested in getting involved with Mental Health. I am recovering from certain issues myself so I have huge insight on matters! I am continuing to get well and would love to get involved in this. I have now been signed of from any support I received as I have gained magnificent coping strategies.

    Thank you.

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