The letter of hope was written for you if you are currently feeling suicidal, or are considering taking your own life.

It was written by people who have experienced similar feelings and understand.

Letter of hope
(plain text)
Letter of hope
(designed leaflet)
Marie’s Letter
Lindens Letter Helen’s Letter Pat’s Letter

If you feel these letters might help people you know or who you work with, please feel free to download and distribute them.

To give feedback about the Letter of Hope, or for more information, please contact Dominic on dominicrousseau(at) or 07860 776485 or Caroline at caroline.nicholson6(at) or on 01392 677067. Thank you.

Other Recovery Letters

The Recovery letters website contains a large number of letters from people who have experienced depression. The website describes the letters as follows:

“The Recovery Letters are all written with the intention to try and alleviate some of the pain of depression, to make the loneliness slightly more bearable and above all to give hope that you can recover. We see recovery as self defined but can include living alongside symptoms or being symptom free, being stable on medication or medication free but most of all living a life with some meaning.”

The letters are written from people recovering from depression, addressed to those currently suffering. The writers have experienced different types of depression including clinical/major depression, bi-polar and post partum depression.

Of course, not all the letters will appeal to everyone and whereas we hope they will not act as a trigger for worsening symptoms we sadly can’t guarantee that. Some of the content of the letters may be distressing for some and unfortunately that coincides with the reality of living with mental illness.

From time to time we may rotate the letters that are displayed so that they get an equal chance to be seen but also ensures we don’t have too many on the site and it gets overwhelming. The Recovery Letters on the website are owned by the letter writers and can’t be reproduced without their permission.

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