Tea & Talk Sessions 2014

Tea & Talk Devon was delivered to over 1000 people!

Tea & Talk was a great project which helped tackle prejudice, stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health, as guided by the government paper ‘No health without mental health’.

Tea and Talk aimed to create an informal environment where people could chat openly, create friendships and have a safe place to be honest and open about their mental health – with cake!

Tea & Talk was a joint venture between Devon Partnership NHS Trust and Recovery Devon.

This project was born from Helen Hutchings’ own personal experience of mental distress (https://www.time-to-change.org.uk/speakout/inspiring-stories) and the attitudes of some people towards her; our wish was to carry on this work appropriately and successfully across Devon.
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[su_spoiler title=”Feedback on Tea and Talk” style=”simple”]
“Think great way to put issues re mental health to folk, learnt some more facts myself. Thanks for your efforts”

“Thank you. Facilitators created a very gentle and positive atmosphere”

“Thank you”

“would like to try and get out and help”


“could possibly include what support is available for the families of a person with mental health problems”

“thank you. Enjoyed it”

“knowing that you have support and listen to other people’s experiences increases your confidence that you are not alone”

“made me feel like its ok to talk about it”

“I understand it more”

“I already understood the implications/things to do with mental health, thank you so much”

“Already knew how vulnerable people can be but was good to talk”

“Its important to think about how someone may be feeling and not judge them”

“learning more about the illnesses”

“know more about it”

“already against stigma”

“more open to the subject and understand the severity”

“I had this attitude anyway”

“I learnt facts but knew how to handle it”


“I know more about it”

“become more aware”

“it made me think more”

“slightly – it made me aware that more people than I thought are affected by it”

“I will be a lot more open and not prejudge!”

“more aware”

“always been aware about the stigma etc but made me want to do something to help”

“agree that it needs to be discussed more in schools”

“useful discussion about peer support – disclosure”

“not enough time”

[su_spoiler title=”Pledges made by people in Tea and Talk” style=”simple”]
“switch off from work, catch up with a friend for coffee, I know she’s having a tough time”

“Develop strategy for remembering people’s names so I can greet them on second meeting”

“I will try not to discriminate against anyone I come across with a mental health issue”

“Become more emotionally intelligent by recognising when I am sinking into a depression or state of anxiety so I can take steps to avert it by talking to someone”

“To be more gentle with a friend who suffers from depression”

“Speak more to people- it breaks down barriers”

“Go to gym more and make more time for my family”

“I will try and be more positive rather than negative”

“Retire to sunshine”

“There is always someone worse off than yourself, live for today”

“to finish reading my mindfulness book and try and persist with meditation”

“support myself and other that I know who have mental health problems, and also to practice gratitude everyday”

“I am happy with what I do”


“Listen to someone who raises any of these issues”

“Help out with the two people in my family with mental health issues”

“Treat myself every now and then, eat chocolate, watch a film, paint my nails”

“Talk to people more”

“smile and talk to my friends and family”

“Ask Adele, my friend if she wants to go for lunch next week as the is struggling caring for her son”

“We need drug and mental health awareness classes in schools”

“To start to reframe word mental to emotional wellbeing, try to re educate people through language”

“I will continue to greet friends and acquaintances in the street and be socially interested in them and their thoughts”

“continue to talk to people about mental health even complete strangers”

“I pledge to listen to others, to keep on moving forward and to be gently to myself!”

“I pledge to take time out for me!”

“I will talk about my mental health”

“I will raise the issue with senior colleagues about modelling good wellbeing behaviour e.g not fixing meetings beyond working hours and being seen to work/expect staff to work regularly outside of agreed hours”

“I will go to the gym twice a week”

“I pledge to take more time for myself doing things I enjoy”

“Who are we working for. Need to change views of the 95% permissions to be flexible and creative, cultural expectation to work beyond what is reasonable”

“To take care of my own mental health as this allows us to support others. It is important to take time off work at points to reflect and work positively”

“I pledge to continue to raise awareness and challenge the oppression and harm caused by psychiatric labelling and drug “treatments””

“I will find some more time for myself”

“I have already learnt the hard way to be assertive about my mental health needs and pledge to continue to do so for those I supervise”

“To discuss openly mental health issues, both mine and others”

“To be more open about mental health and ask for help!”

“To get help if I suffer depression in the future”

“I pledge to go out to more schools to talk about my mental health”

“Probably stop even more frequent and think responses day to day”

“to talk and listen”

“I will pledge to share my experience without shame and to share that recovery is possible”

“I will continue to use teddy bears to help with stress”

“Remember my own journey clearly – including difficulties”

“I pledge to give support to anyone that asks for it and assist in fighting the stigma of mental health”

“I pledge to support someone going through mental health”

“To start going to the womens Network at George’s Meeting House again”

“To talk more with my daughter about her borderline personality disorder course”

“To help address stigma of mental illness in my workplace”

“To carry on with my life in a positive way”

“I wish to continue at the Cool House doing the meet and greet on the door, welcoming people into Cool Recovery”

“Hope to remain well”

“To help and support people with mental health problems of all ages”

“to talk and listen to someone”

“to learn to walk a mile in another man’s shoes! Non judgemental!”

“To trust/learn/understand/feel/not judge/be positive/talk”

“To talk about mental health when possible to friend, to not bottle things up”

“I intend to listen more to people and not judge them too quickly”

“To listen to others and to share my experiences of depression/how I cope with others”

“To help raise awareness of mental health issues and support those with mental health issues”

“to talk and listen to someone when they are in need”

“To talk to someone”

“Ensure to give time and listen”

“listen to others more”

“Get them to open up if they need help with anything”

“listen to others more”

“Look out for symptoms for myself anf other and then try to help”

“To listen, to give people time to express their emotions and feelings”

“Be there, listen, smile”

“helping a friend get help to recover”

“Make awareness page or groups”

“To talk more about mental health”

“To listen and help them in any way I can”

“To make more time for myself”

“I pledge to be kinder to myself and accept help when I need it”

“To start to tackle mental health issues at work by setting up some awareness and support sessions”

“not to judge anyone who has or talks about their mental health issue”

“I will endeavour to find better ways of supporting my husband who suffers from anxiety and depression”

“To persuade my employer to sign up to the Mindful Employer”

“to continue to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace”

“To look at what we do to support individuals at work”

“to be more enquiring”

“Mindfulness – time out for myself”

“Talking to professionals to get help”

“To talk to people about mental health both in general and personally”

“I pledge to try and find professional help to try and help me with my mental illness”

“Be patient to myself and others, we are only human, acknowlesge that, listen, offer positive suggestions”

“To improve my resolve”

“I pledge to be there more for people with mental health illness and accept that I have problems myself”

“I promise to support my friends and family when ever they need me to”

“Surround myself with people I love and trust, and who love and trust me”

“I pledge to sympathise with others who suffer from mental illness”

“Keep organised, have a good diet and exercise”

“I pledge to always listen to people and to not dismiss their feelings by saying cheer up or something like that”

“I pledge to talk more about mental healt and stress. I also pledge to be more considerate and helpful of my friend that struggles with her mental illness”

“I pledge to call someone for example if I was feeling stressed. Also talking to them about mental health”

“To be more understanding of other people”

“To start revising during the year instead of leaving it all to the end, to reduce stresslevels”

“To be more open for people to talk to if they need it by finding more time within time”

“start revision before exams to reduce my stress levels and listen to people more”

“spend time with those suffering!”

“To start revising earlier to reduse stress”

“Be honest with my self”

“Keep on hugs”


“I will continue to be aware of my own mental health and try to be more aware of changes in my children and friends – keep talking!”

“My pledge is to be there for pupils who need to talk and to take the time to always listen”

“I will take time to listen and talk to family members”

“I pledge to talk to my mum every day, to ask how she is etc and help her be open about her stress/anxiety so I can help”

“To have a good work/life balance. To identify needs in families I work with and refer them to relevan tservices”

“Call my friend who has been recovering from depression, havent heard from her in a while”

“I will look to talk more with my work colleagues about how they see their work as recovery workers”

“Talk about my anxiety and help anyone who needs it”

“To take my anti depressants”

“Talk about my friend who did self harm”

“I pledge to help others no matter what”

“To always ask at least 1 person every day how they are feeling, to always be there as a listener to anyone”

“Be Good”

“To seek help when I need it”

“will try to comfort people if they are feeling down”

“I will talk to someone before it gets too far”

“I will be more open when talking to friends and family about mental illness”

“I pledge to listen when someone I know has a problem”

“Talk to my friends about mental health when I don’t feel well”

“I will ask people how they are more often especially if they seem down”

“Be more patient with my little sister and give her more time with me”

“If I ever have problems I will talk to someone and make sure my friends know they can talk to me”

“Carry on playing music- therapeutic”

“As someone if they are ok who I don’t see very often, be supportive”

“Watch the end of wind rises, I have wanted to watch it for ages!”

“Listen to other people”

“Don’t discriminate against people and don’t let others do it either”

“Not discriminate”

“High five people”

“Text friends to make sure they are ok”

“Talking to people I know who have mental health issues”

“Show that I am there for someone”

“I will try to be nicer to people like my sister and mum”

“Smile at people and ask how they are”

“Keeping myself busy”

“I will ask them how they are and make sure they are alright”

“Be supportive to those who are around me”

“I pledge that if any of my friends have a problem, I will be there to support them”

“Be supportive towards friends”

“Be nice to mum, be supportive”

“Understand that everyone has their struggles they’re dealing with”

“Be nicer to everyone”

“To continue caring for others and myself”

“Continuing to ask people how they are and listen to them if they have something to talk about”

“Ask people how they are”

“To pay more attention to others”

“Continue to play, be more involved in physical activity”

“Being open minded and aware of mental illness”

“Ask people how they’re feeling”

“To listen even more”

“To break down stigma in the organisation”

“To go home and hug my son”

“Be more accepting of my own mental health background”

“To keep an open mind”


[su_spoiler title=”Words used to describe Tea and Talk” style=”simple”]

Useful powerful enlightening Thank you
inspiring helpful interesting educational
friendly informal invaluable interesting
informative helpful useful informative
okay informative helpful insightful
eye opening and very helpful insightiful and relatable helpful very informative
worthwhile inspiring lies – there was no tea an insight into mental health
interesting aware interesting food interesting
okay helpful relaxing useful
helpful eyeopening and encouraging informative and honest clear and informative
useful Triggering Informative Interesting
Helpful Eyeopening Revealing Inspiring
Enlightening Fabulous Great Insightful
Valuable Beneficial Awakening Thought provoking

[su_spoiler title=”Tea and Talk Statistics” style=”simple”]
Nearly 1000 people have attended Tea & Talk

Over 800 evaluation forms received

94% said they learnt something new

22% have not asked for help due to fear of discrimination

96% believe discrimination is a problem for people experiencing mental ill health

95% agree that talking about your mental health is a positive thing to do

90% know someone who has experience of mental health problems/illnesses

96% agree that stigma can prevent people recovering form mental ill health

49% agreed that they were a person wo has experienced a mental health problem

40% agreed that they had lied/avoided talking about their mental health problem to avoid feeling judged

97% agreed they would recommend the session to somebody else

96% agreed that they found the session useful and hekpful

58% said that Tea & Talk has changed their attitude towards mental health