South Devon and Torbay are to become a Pioneer Site for the integration of health and social care. They are one of only 14 areas nation-wide to achieve this status.

This should mean that people of all ages – young people, families, and older people – will experience seamless care even when they need a whole range of different services. They will also have more control over their care and treatment.

Note the commitment below to:

‘Make sure that mental health services are every bit as good and easy to get as other health services.’

They will get national and international support to:

  • Join up with local communities, community organisations and volunteers to make a real difference to people’s quality of life
  • Extend integrated care from the present adult service, so that everyone can benefit from it
  • Give every child the best possible start so that they have equal chances of living a fulfilling life
  • Make it easier for young people to move smoothly from children’s services into adult services
  • Move towards seven day services so that care on a Sunday is as good as care on a Monday – and patients are always in the place that’s best for them
  • Make sure that mental health services are every bit as good and easy to get as other health services
  • Coordinate care so that people only have to tell their story once, whether they need health, social care, GP or mental health services

See comments by Norman Lamb, Care and Support Minister, here.

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