‘Recovery Education’ Leaflet Published

This leaflet offers a useful guide to what Recovery Education is, for students, teachers and organisations.

 Recovery Education Leaflet coverPlease click here to download the leaflet.

One of the major contributions of recent developments in recovery oriented approaches has been to raise awareness of the possibility and potential of people accessing educational opportunities, often provided by one another, to learn how to progress in their own recovery and live well. Hence ‘Recovery Colleges’ are developing in at least 14 Trusts across England and growing all the time.

Following a recent Devon Recovery Research and Innovations Group (DRRIG) open meeting, a brief guidance note was produced on the key principles and core courses that characterise recovery education. It has been endorsed by the Devon Recovery Learning Community Steering Group as our guide, underpinning local developments.

It has already proven very helpful to have something that describes ‘Recovery Education’ in a nutshell, as it can be used to explain what it’s about to potential new partners, funders, tutors and participants. It also offers an agreed framework that can be held collectively, with which to review and design our local learning opportunities, underpinned by our current best understanding of guiding principles.