Exeter Women’s Network

In their own words: “The Women’s Network exists for women of all ages. We started as a small group of women who recognise the value of mutual support and friendship between women.

Our aim is to empower women who may have become socially isolated, emotionally distressed or low in confidence. We provide the support of two part time facilitators to help develop social events and activities chosen by and for the women taking part. Ideas that have proved successful include weekly socials, meals out, music, walking, swimming, discussion, outside speakers, creative groups, trips and outings, book groups, a beat the blues group… It’s up to you! We offer to support all activities and events run by the network in the early stages until they are self-supporting with the help of women who anchor the group.

The Women’s Network belongs to all the women who make up the network. Planning the network takes place at our regular planning sessions. Any woman in the network is welcome to join these groups that are sociable and friendly.

The best way to find out more is to join us at one of our Welcoming Gatherings. Here you will have the opportunity to meet the facilitators and other women joining the network in a relaxed and friendly environment. It is free to join.”

For more information call 01392 204640. or email: womensnetwork@mindex.org.uk