Recovery Devon Developments

Funding from Devon Partnership Trust via Rethink

Recovery Devon would like to thank Devon Partnership Trust, both for supporting the philosophy of Recovery and for its financial support over the coming three years.

For the last two years, since Laurie Davidson’s retirement, Recovery Devon has been run with very little funding, largely by volunteers. Thus it has been a challenge to develop and maintain new activties.

We have now, however, received funding from Devon Partnership Trust for the next three years. The funding will actually be provided to Rethink, though specified for Recovery Devon. The intention is that Recovery Devon will continue and develop its previous activities, and also establish itself as an independent organisation, for instance as a charity or community interest company.

A Leadership Post for Recovery Devon

Part of the funding we have received will be used for Recovery Devon, working with Rethink, to appoint a person to lead its development over the next three years. Further information will be available regarding this post shortly.

The Task Group which has been co-ordinating Recovery Devon’s activities recently will continue until the leadership post is filled. Following that, the Task Group will reassess its position and it is expected that a steering group will be set up to support the new leadership post holder in their work.

The Proposal from Rethink and Recovery Devon, on which the funding is based, can be viewed by clicking here: the breakdown of suggested expenditures is Appendix 3, at the end of the document.

The Autumn Festival of Recovery Innovations

The Task Group recently circulated the Recovery Devon email list to seek their views on contributing £5,000 towards this event, which is to be held on Thursday October 6th and Friday 7th at Exeter Castle. The responses received were all positive, and there was full support from the Task Group, in order to promote and develop recovery initiatives, so this was agreed. More information is available in this letter from Glenn Roberts.

Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC)

Devon Partnership Trust has been selected as a Pilot Site for this exciting two year project. The project is just starting and Recovery Devon has been invited to send a representative to the first learning set for pilot sites, which is on 26th May.

More information about ImROC is available on the Centre for Mental Health website.